“We’re like eBay meets Wall Street”

“We are empowering ordinary people to invest in physical assets with free secured and insured storage”

We’ve established a blockchain-based investment platform where people could invest in physical assets like gold, silver, wines, art, jewelry or even collectibles. We store these physical assets at no cost and transform the assets into digital tokens residing inside the blockchain. We do this by engaging with global assets producers and storage providers to provide tokenized assets in the blockchain while storing the physical assets in secure and insured vaults around the globe.

Melvin Wong

Melvin Wong - Founder & CEO

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Melvin sold two startups – FanXT and eMemorial and has 14 years of experience as a startup founder forging alliances and partnerships with companies from 17 countries. He hired over 100 staffs from 19 countries and currently the South Korean ambassador for StartupToken. Graduated with an engineering degree from the Nottingham Trent University, UK. He speaks 4 languages. Learn more about him on Wikipedia and Linkedin.

Karl Kim

Karl Kim - Business Development Director

35 year of working experience in trade and investments in Asia particularly South Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and also Russia. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Korea University. Interestingly, he was a former amateur boxing champion in Korea.

Nicolas Leonel

Nicolas Leonel - Blockchain Infra & Server Specialist

14 years of experience in server and network administration in U.S and Uruguay. Cisco Certified Network Associate and Certified Linux Administrator. Blazed into the blockchain arena since 2016 and the rest is history.

We're Located in the World's Largest Startup Hub - Station F in Paris

Our Progress So Far

  • November, 2019: Selected for Bank of Lithuania blockchain project called LBChain.
  • October, 2019: Filed two provisional patents with US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • July, 2019: We moved from Seoul to Paris for being selected for Station F Founders Program. We are part of the 6% of startups (out of 1,200) that made it.
  • July, 2019: Selected for the Seoul Global Center Business Incubation Program. Our new office in Seoul is at Jongno-gu, the center of Seoul.
  • June, 2019: Selected for EU startup program by Startup Lighthouse called Deep Dive Week in Lithuania. Boy, did we love Vilnius! We really hope to be back.
  • June, 2019: Selected for EU startup program called Soft-Landing Startups Paris.