Comparison of YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch & Stage It

Comparison Between YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Stageit

Whether you are planning a virtual concert or online event, learn the difference between the top live streaming platforms that are available for free and find out which fits you the best.

Difference between YouTube Live Facebook Live Instagram Live Twitch Stage It

YouTube Live

If you’re looking for a more professional setup, YouTube Live should be your choice. Configuring YouTube Live is pretty easy for someone very comfortable with using a computer because you could utilize a streaming software such as OBS Studio, or just stream with your PC microphone and webcam. But by using OBS software, you get to enhance your online broadcasting quality by adding external cameras, microphones, instruments and more. Here’s a tutorial on that.

It allows you to monetize your live stream via the YouTube Partner Program, but there are certain criteria that you need to meet such as having at least 1,000 subscribers. But still, it is relatively easier to monetize since getting YouTube subscribers isn’t as hard as getting Facebook Page likes.


  • No account required to view the live stream.
  • Option to have a professional stream beyond webcam and built-in mic on your PC.
  • Relatively easier to monetize compared to other platforms.
  • Live chat is provided.
  • Replay option is available.
  • Relatively easy to set up if you’re very comfortable with computers.


  • Some terms and conditions to monetize your live stream.


The most popular live streaming site for online gamers but doesn’t mean it’s only good for viewing people playing their favorite games. You could also set up your virtual event here. The setup closely resembles YouTube Live and you need more computer brain to get it working. You could learn the basic by following this quick video tutorial.

It comes with two options to generate revenue from your stream – via their Partner Program or Affiliate Program.


  • No account required to view the live stream.
  • High quality professional live stream with multiple streaming features and analytics.
  • Two options to monetize.


  • Quite complicated to configure.

Facebook Live

Another popular live streaming option, especially for those who already have active followers on Facebook. Other than that, it offers two options to set up – the easy lower quality way or the advanced higher quality option (via a streaming software).

One advantage with Facebook Live is you could create polls and other fancy UI stuff on your live stream.


  • Two levels of difficulty to set up – for live stream beginners or advanced users.
  • Create polls and questions.
  • Add effects like lenses, filters and more (only on the Facebook app).


  • Facebook account is necessary to view your live stream.
  • Not easy to start monetizing.

Instagram Live

Instagram is a popular platform for streaming especially among avid users. It is John Legend and Keith Urban choice for their online concerts. Although you can’t do much to improve the streaming quality, with a good enough smartphone, your stream should not look or sound too bad.


  • Super easy to start streaming. Good for ultra beginners.
  • Easy to add filters or emoticons on the stream.
  • Also comes with live chat/comments.


  • Can only stream via the Instagram app.
  • No option to set up a professional stream. As good as what your smartphone can do.
  • No option to monetize.


Stageit is probably the only online concert platform dedicated to artists and bands to stream their performances live online. Artists like Jason Mraz, Rage Against the Machine and David Cook had gone live on this site. To access the virtual concerts you could purchase a virtual ticket or “hitch a ride” from someone who bought it (think of it like bringing someone into a concert together with you).

Based in Los Angeles, the startup was founded in 2009. I’m surprised to find that there are not many tutorials on how someone could set up their live stream on the platform and to what degree – casual or professional. The website seems overly simple. Since it requires online audience to purchase a ticket, a preview or a past replay could be used to convince more to pay.


  • Easy to start monetizing – no specific requirement.
  • Make money directly from your live online concert.


  • No replays or previews.
  • Overly simple design with little help on how to create a compelling live virtual concert.


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