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  • How Twitch Stream Aid Could Improve Itself as a Virtual Concert Event

    I was rather dismayed when I found out that the so-called live stream show of Twitch Stream Aid virtual concert was not actually live. It’s a combination of live streams of the two hosts with pre-recorded videos of artists performing. Twitch Stream Aid 2020 is a 12-hour long (9am to 9pm on Saturday – March 28) […]

  • Discover 7 Online Monetization Methods For Virtual Concerts

    If you’re reading this – you’re probably already thinking outside the box by wanting to run an online concert. Here – we’re not talking about pre-recording a session and play it back in a live stream. That’s the very undefinition of live streaming. We’re pushing through the edge of innovation for live entertainment by producing truly compelling […]

  • Comparison Between YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Stageit

    Whether you are planning a virtual concert or online event – learn the difference between the top live streaming platforms that are available for free and find out which fits you the best. YouTube Live If you’re looking for a more professional setup – YouTube Live should be your choice. Configuring YouTube Live is pretty easy for […]

  • Global list of canceled and postponed concerts and festivals (updating)

    Here’s the ongoing list of cancellations and postponements of major concerts and music festivals worldwide due to COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Events are listed according to event name/artist/venue – location – planned dates and status (canceled – postponed – closed). To add your event to the list – please contact us.  Last updated: Mac 27 – 2020 at 0305 EDT/NY. MARCH 2020 […]

  • 5 Common Mistakes When Running Virtual Events

    Having been to hundreds of online events – webinars – and even online concerts – I can’t help but to figure out ways to further improve the viewing experience. Some live streaming events are rather dry and dull especially when we’re watching it alone from the comfort of our home. It makes me so tempted to switch my […]

  • How to Make Money From Virtual Events

    Virtually all events have been canceled or postponed in countries with a huge growth rate of coronavirus thanks to lockdown and social distancing advised by their public administrations. But life still has to go on. While virtual events have been the common buzzwords amongst event management professionals – most are still struggling to find the miracle […]

  • How to Make Money From Virtual Concerts

    The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the global economy and one of the most impacted sectors is the live events industry – the very industry that brings your favorite artists and idols to your city. Based on a survey of 5 -600 self-employed individuals who work in this sector – 71% of them are deeply concerned […]

  • How to Create a Virtual Concert With Minimum Cost – Complete Technical Guide

    I’ve covered the ways on how to generate revenue from online concerts and events. So – now let’s look at how to run a professional virtual concert for virtually free and not using a live stream from Instagram of that sort. Below is the list of things you need. List of Items OBS Studio Streaming Software […]

  • We are waiving all fees for events in 2020

    We’ve decided to waive all fees for our online ticketing system due to the current coronavirus outbreak that has affected virtually all events related businesses in the world. This deal shall be in effect throughout this year – 2020. This means if you chose to use our event ticketing system for an event within this […]

  • 8 Practical Ways to Sell Out Your Events

    An empty event is a worthy adversary that every event organizer – promoter or venue wishes to evade. For it is the dream of many to label their events with the famous “Sold Out” stamp however elusive that ambition may be. We awed with envy at others when their tickets are gone within minutes and wonder […]

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