How it Works

We’re working hard to build a revolutionary way for you to buy and sell physical assets without you having to pay for the cost of delivery or storage. The infographic below explains how our platform works.

Infographic - How Physical Assets Trading Platform Works - 1Krowd

Locations of Our Secured and Insured Storage

All our storage facilities are highly secured with insurance coverage.
There’s no end to the storage service we offer you until you choose to pick-up your assets yourself or request for a delivery. Below are the current locations we offer.

Société Générale – Located at 55 Rue Jeanne d’Arc, 75013 Paris, France (Google Maps)

European Mint Located at Tornimäe 5, 2nd Floor, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia (Google Maps)

Difference between physical gold blockchain gold and paper gold

To learn much more, please read our FAQ.