We are waiving all fees for using our online ticketing system

We are waiving all fees for events in 2020

March 23, 2020 no comments Melvin Wong Categories Featured, Guides to Events, Guides to TicketingTags , ,

We’ve decided to waive all fees for our online ticketing system due to the current coronavirus outbreak that has affected virtually all events related businesses in the world. This deal shall be in effect throughout this year – 2020.

This means if you chose to use our event ticketing system for an event within this year, you are not obliged to pay us anything. Yes, that is like 100% discount! Too good to be true? Well, the only fee that you may need to pay is the VAT tax that is imparted by your government. But even with that, there’s an ongoing movement happening globally that is urging local governments to waive or delay related taxes and to provide financial assistance to event management and promotion companies.

All sales payments collected for tickets purchased for your event shall be disbursed to you. We’re even absorbing the disbursement fee.

However, please note that we can only provide this incredible offer to those who signed up early. And if you happened to sign up this year but eventually have to postpone your event to 2021 (assuming this virus pandemic does not settle within this year, oh gosh, hopefully not), we will still honor our deal as long as you sign-up early this year. So, please contact us now and tell us your plan for your future event.